Participants of the workshop portraited in profiles

Our first event took place on april 29th 2021. We had a lot of diversity amongst the participants reaching from academia, to clinal background to the commercial sector (as seen in the Miro board above). Therefore we had some really interesting discussions and a ton of ideas on how to boost user-centred innovation in the Medtech sector. From “intelligent information aids in gerontology” to “automatic monitoring systems” (as seen in the Miroboard below), there were a lot of promising ideas around, that we aim to push forward!

In an energistic and lively first half of the event, these new ideas were generated and captured on MiroBoards in small groups consisting of various participants from different backgrounds. They were then presented and discussed in the plenum. In an insightful second half we heard three inputs about “Perspectives on the regulatory framework for AI in the USA” (Yannick Soom, iss), “What doesn’t work even when it works: how to implement innovation in the right place” (Bram Stieltjes, Universitätsspital Basel) and “Clinical Application of AI” (Prof. von Tengg-Kobligk, Inselspital).

Although the event took place online as a Zoom meeting, due to the pandemics restrictions, we are content with the first event of the NTN IB UCHT: being able to network, listen to peers from other fields, brainstorm on new solution is all part of achieving our overarching goal of “bringing innovation to patients”. We are looking forward to the upcoming next event with the focus “Personalized health tech and 3D Printing” on November, 4th, 2021, which is likely going to take place on-site.

Brainstorming of an idea generated in a small group during the workshop